Visa Announcements August 2021

Posted On: Tuesday, August 10th, 2021

Visa released the latest news update for August with a number of important changes. 

Inclusion of Token Ranges in Card Range Cache

3DS Servers can provide a cache of enrolled cards for Version 2. Visa will now be including the token ranges in this cache.

Starting August 2021, token ranges corresponding to Issuers from all the regions will be included in the cache data. These token ranges will carry all the relevant card range data elements as noted in the EMV 3DS specifications. Endeavour clients will automatically benefit from this new data without any changes on their part.

Token Ranges will be added to the cache data by region according to the following schedule:

• EU: 25 August 2021
• CEMEA: 7 September 2021
• AP: 21 September 2021
• LAC & CA: 5 October 2021
• US: 19 October 2021

Changes in Support of Visa Trusted Listing Program

Visa announced changes to the support of the Visa Trusted Listing (VTL) program in March 2021. As a result of this announcement, modifications will be made to Directory Server to remove the specific program requirement validations associated previously with the VTL program – these include relaxing the usage of specific merchant identifiers (Visa Merchant IDs) for these transactions as merchants are no longer required to complete an enrollment form with Visa and Visa will also not store/maintain the trusted beneficiary list on behalf of the Issuers.

The DS will still support the whitelisting features and associated fields/values noted in the EMV 3DS 2.2 specification as well as the validations noted in the specification for these fields.

Support for ISO Country Codes

3DS Servers need to use the latest ISO code/country versions for authentication requests. This is a mandatory requirement for merchants to adhere to the edition of the ISO 3166 utilized by Visa DS.

The Directory Server will apply the ISO-3166 Fourth Edition (2020 August) specifications as it pertains to the country and its subdivision codes.

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