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Posted On: Wednesday, April 17th, 2024

Endeavour 3DSecure and Tokenization, your trusted companion in payments.

Its all about the customer journey to ensure the best experience during checkout, with complete safety and piece of mind when making a payment online.

The journey does not stop there; interactions between a cardholder and a merchant continue to occur at many different levels, from the first engagement, to follow up transactions, recurring transactions and subscriptions.

Other industries such as the Travel Industry bring in follow up charges and multiple suppliers. Some merchants require merchant initiated transactions or to exempt a payment from SCA where this is mandated. Both merchant and cardholder want transactions to be approved without risk of fraud to either party.

Key technologies which enable this journey are 3DSecure and Tokenization. Making these works across a varied global landscape takes experience and commitment and this is where Endeavour is the clear choice; we work with clients across the globe and understand the fine details and bring in countless optimizations that make payments work smoothly.

If you are a merchant or a service provider working with merchants, reach out to Endeavour today.


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Kindly note that we do not support cardholders wanting to activate 3D Secure on their card. Please contact your bank directly using the phone number provided on the back of your card.