What do we do?

[bt_bb_section layout=”boxed_1200″ lazy_load=”yes” show_boxed_content=”no” allow_content_outside=”no”][bt_bb_row][bt_bb_column lazy_load=”yes” highlight=”no” align_to_edge_column=”no” width=”1/1″][bt_bb_text] is a service that combines payment processing with Endeavour’s 3DSecureMPI service – It basically adds 3DSecure security over the basic payment service. Installation is designed to be as easy as possible – for the supported platforms the plugin is swapped out with the plugin and it just works. No new agreements need to be made with acquiring banks or as that part of the credit card checkout process remains unchanged.

Payments Services Directive (PSD2) Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) deadline

31st December 2020 is the deadline for implementation of SCA within the European Economic Area (except for UK, for whom the deadline is the 14th September 2021).

As from 1 January 2021 for the vast majority of Customers in the EEA, each and every e-commerce transaction that is not excluded or exempted from the regulation will need to go through strong customer authentication, i.e. two-factor authentication. The underlying protocol used to drive authentications is the EMVCo EMV 3DS or 3DS2.x protocol with PSD2 extension message.

Although this is not a requirement for card acquirers out of the EEA, European clients are accustomed to being asked for 2nd Factor Authentication and consider this an extra layer of protection. On the merchant’s side, 3DSecure greatly decreases the risk of chargebacks due to fraud.