Discover Global Network (DGN) announced sunset dates for ProtectBuy 2.1

Posted On: Friday, June 9th, 2023

EMVCo and the other payment networks are collectively deprecating the 3DS v2.1 protocol to make 3DS 2.2 the default protocol and eventually phase in 3DS 2.3.1.

The following dates are announced for phasing out 3DS 2.1 and mandating 3DS 2.2.

Date Certification Status Action Required
 July 31, 2023  DGN will stop certification for ProtectBuy v2.1  Any partners that wish to be certified for ProtectBuy must be certified for v2.2 or higher.
 September 25, 2024  The client is certified for both v2.1 and v2.2  Shut off v2.1, and direct all traffic to v2.2 or higher.
 The client is only on v2.1  Certify for v2.2 or higher using BAU certification process.
 Clients not certified for any ProtectBuy version  Follow the BAU ProtectBuy certification process for new certification requests.


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