Getting ready for 2.2

Posted On: Saturday, November 19th, 2022

Now that version 1 has been decommissioned and Version 2.3 specification has been released, focus is shifting to moving from version 2.1 to 2.2 and eventually decommissioning version 2.1 completely.

With this in mind, MasterCard has released the following timelines:
  • MasterCard will stop supporting EMV 3DS v2.1 in July 2024. Transactions send after June 30 2024 will begin to generate errors on the network.
  • All MasterCard Merchants, Acquirers, and Issuers must be supporting EMV 3DS v2.2 by July 1, 2023

Switching from Version 2.1 to 2.2 is actually very straight forward for no frills authentication. The effort comes from using features in 2.2 which are not available in Version 2.1, the most prominent of these being Merchant Initiated Transactions.

The main consideration for switching to 2.2 is how well it is supported; Endeavour provides this information in real time so our clients can only send 2.2 messages when they are supported.

Current status of v2.2

  • 33% of all EMV 3DS transactions now being submitted as v2.2 on the Mastercard Network
  • 60% of our ACS Operators now support v2.2 processing
  • 56% of Issuer Account Ranges now support v2.2 processing

Authentication Rate for version 2.2 is higher than 2.2; V2.2 transactions have an 86% authentication success rate versus 81% for V2.1.

And how well is 3DSecure doing in general? Mastercard reports the following statistics

  • Error Rate is at 1.2% with a slight uptick in errors over the last months which has already been commented on by Endeavour in other newsletters.
  • Approval Rate is at 85%, excluding cases where the Challenge Request is not sent by Merchant when a challenge is required, (83% if included)
  • Authentication Abandonment Rate is at 17% or 14% is we again ignore cases where the Challenge Request not sent by Merchant.

These statistics will vary by region.

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