MasterCard key Performance Indicators for PSD2:SCA Migration

Posted On: Tuesday, April 6th, 2021

MasterCard has been running a monitoring program for many months to monitor sources of errors with version 2. MasterCard has established a number of KPIs around the error rates for different issues.

The MasterCard KPI handbook can be downloaded here. The document lays out the detailed KPI definitions, common root causes and solutions.

The document covers issues which occur at both the Authentication Stage as well as the Authorization Stage. A number of the errors at the Authentication Stage reported in this document are impossible with the Endeavour 3DServer and others happen at the Authorization Stage which is normally out of sight for the 3DServer.

Here are a few takeaways from this document which we would like to highlight in this email:

Merchants are reminded that should they decide not to accept the challenge, a cancellation needs to be sent and not let the Issuer timeout.

MasterCard requires that merchants are ENROLLED to the Directory Server before any transactions are sent. Without this step, all authentication requests will fail.

Merchants should ensure that the card is supported for version 2 before sending an EMVCo 3DS message.

With Versions 2.2 and eventually 2.3 coming into common use, Merchants should ensure that the Issuer supports the message versions and capabilities of any Authentication request .

The KPI’s for the Authorization Stage are very important and should be read carefully. Some are down to simple miscoding of values. The biggest challenges remain around MIT, Recurring Transactions, Soft Declines and SCA Exemptions.

Judging by the KPIs for the Endeavour 3D Server, our efforts and attention to detail are ensuring excellent performance and very low error rates. This success is ultimately a joint effort with our clients.

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