What is Visa Tokenization Service

Posted On: Friday, May 26th, 2023

Visa Token Service, a new security technology from Visa, replaces sensitive account information, such as the 16-digit account number, with a unique digital identifier called a token. The token allows payments to be processed without exposing the actual account details that could potentially be compromised.

What are the advantages of VTS?

According to Visa statistics, VTS brings an approval uplift of 2.5% and reduces fraud by transaction value by 26%. A token is bound to a merchant and so, when presented, it is already limited in scope as far as potential fraud; in addition it indicates that the merchant and the cardholder have already interacted and in particular had the opportunity to carry out an SCA before setting up the token. By removing the PAN, the overall security of the payment process is greatly enhanced.

VTS allows for cardholder credentials to be stored, thus streamlining the cardholder experience and reducing friction. At the same time, it removes the burden of PCI compliance on merchants. VTS also makes the management of stored credentials easier with automatic updates.

Visa Tokens can be used with 3DSecure. Contact our experts to help you bring the benefits of Visa Tokenization to your online business.

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